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Staff Directory
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Administrative Staff
Penny Hope
Diahne Graham
Norma Vatcher
Senior Secretary
Kerry Timmermans
Assistant Secretary
Floyd Hough
Head Custodian

Teaching Staff
Name (email link)
L. Irwin / J. Lockett (ECE)
Junior & Senior Kindergarten
A. Vallillee / J. Wakeling (ECE)
Junior & Senior Kindergarten
I. Metcalfe / M. Thomson (ECE)
Junior & Senior Kindergarten
C. McGinn
Senior Kindergarten / Grade 1
M. Fenn
Grade 1 / 2
K. Hickey
Grade 2 / 3
K. O'Brien-Hollett
Grade 3 / 4
J. Moriarty
Grade 4
Grade 5 / 6
T. Parsons
Grade 5 / 6
PM. Abrioux / O. Kabiseba (ECE)
Senior Kindergarten FI
B. Schultz
Grade 1 / 2 FI
A. Keitel
Grade 1 / 2 FI
R. Peterzon
Grade 2 FI
A. Loubser
Grade 3 FI
D. Breau
Grade 3 / 4 FI
S. Desbiens
Grade 4 / 5 FI
S. Vollmer
Grade 5 / 6 FI
S. Merton
Library / Planning
J. Willshaw
Reading Recovery / Planning
K. Gooley
English to FI
W. Woods
Core French
J. Moore
Core French
G. Imeson
M. Whetung

Support Staff
L. Loucks
Educational Assistant
C. Fairburn
Educational Assistant
E. Van Der Mark-McIlmoyle
Educational Assistant
C. Cronkwright
Educational Assistant
B. Canning
Educational Assistant
L. Johnston
Educational Assistant
A. Allen
Educational Assistant
K. L. Knott
Educational Officer - Curve Lake
K. Hamilton
C. Mead
Night Custodian

With the continued growth of Edsby in our schools and classrooms, many teachers have already begun to transition from their teacher website to utilizing their Edsby classrooms and groups as their main parent/student communication portal.  For more information about Edsby, please contact the school office.

Last Modified: Aug 09, 2016

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