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May 2016

Information for parents: Bullying and Conflict

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Conflict is…a disagreement, AN ANGRY ARGUMENT
In day-to day-life, we use the word “argument” to mean a verbal disagreement or dispute.  Arguments often happen when one person tries to convince another that a certain opinion, action or behaviour is “right”.   Unfortunately, when arguments go badly, people sometimes resort to name-calling and put-downs; they attack the other person verbally, rather than sticking to the difference of opinion or viewpoint.   

Angry arguments can develop into quarrels that may include things such as a continuing war of words, a falling-out or a shouting match.  The KPR School Code of Conduct directs us all to resolve these angry arguments in ways that respect others.  It states:
“Everyone in our school community is responsible for promoting safe, caring relationships that respect human dignity.  Everyone is responsible for preventing harm.”

The Code of Conduct also focuses on the importance of civility and responsible citizenship, where everyone must:
  • respect differences in people, their ideas and opinions;
  • use non-violent means to resolve conflict
  • respect the need of others to work in a positive learning and teaching environment.
  • seek staff assistance, if necessary, to resolve conflict peacefully.
The following quote about former South African President Nelson Mandela sums it up well:
“Another of Madiba's great lessons: you can have a vast difference of opinion with someone but that never justifies disrespect.” (Zelda la Grange, from Good Morning, Mr. Mandela)        

While conflict and disagreement are a natural part of life, bullying is not, and it is never acceptable, under any circumstances.  If you have concerns that your child or teen is being bullied, please tell us, as soon as possible.  Please speak with the teacher, principal or vice-principal, or use our online Report Bullying weblink to let us know, at

From the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board

Judy Malfara
Communications Officer - School Liaison
Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board
Phone: 705-742-9773 or toll-free 877-741-4577, ext. 2001
Fax: 705-743-3538

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